Nighttime Visibility in Charlotte

May 31, 2020

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high nighttime accident rate in the Charlotte area, things like drowsy driving and a higher rate of impaired driving. Without a doubt, visibility is a major contributor. Let's focus on visibilityIt's said that 90 percent of our driving decision... More

Change is Good (Oil Change)

May 24, 2020

You've heard that expression, change is good. When it comes to your vehicle's oil, change is not only good, it's vital for the health of the engine. But there's one question that puzzles many drivers: how frequently should my vehicle's oil be changed? There is not one simple answer, but here ar... More

Pinch Petroleum Pennies! (Fuel Saving Tips)

May 17, 2020

If you saw a dollar bill on the ground, you'd pick it up, right? Well, whether you find that dollar on the ground or in savings at the gas pump, money is money, and here are some ways to hold on to more of it. Slowing down is the easiest way to save fuel, especially for every speed increase over ... More

Check Your Shocks and Struts at Tuffy Auto Service Charlotte

May 10, 2020

Today we're talking to Charlotte drivers about shocks and struts. They're so easy for NC folks to forget about because they last so long and wear out so slowly. But your shocks are really responsible for keeping your tires on the road so they're very important.Without shocks, your wheels would... More

Defensive Driving in Charlotte, NC

May 3, 2020

There was a man in the Charlotte area who learned that most car accidents occur within a mile of home so he moved. (Just kidding!)When we think of defensive driving, we often focus on our local NC highway situations. The fact of the matter is we need to be just as careful close to home in Char... More