Singing a Different

October 25, 2020

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Suspension Service at Tuffy Auto Service Charlotte in Charlotte

October 18, 2020

During an inspection at Tuffy Auto Service Charlotte in Charlotte, your friendly and knowledgeable automotive service technician will check for worn, broken or missing parts. Here's a quick rundown of suspension system components: There are the springs which hold the weight of your vehicle. Ther... More

Charlotte Car Owners Ask: Why Do I Need to Change My Serpentine Belt?

October 11, 2020

Any Charlotte driver who understands preventive maintenance knows that if it ain't broke, don't fix it is bad auto advice. Replacing a part before it breaks is much less costly for Charlotte residents than repairing the engine damage that comes after a part breaks or fails. A good example of this... More

Emergency Items for Charlotte

October 4, 2020

Safe NC travel starts with preventive maintenance and good vehicle care at Tuffy Auto Service Charlotte. But there are other things Charlotte residents can do to prepare for emergencies on the road. Here's some auto advice that can help you plan for emergencies, and just may save your life or s... More