Stay Headed in the Right Direction, Charlotte

October 3, 2021

Power steering is standard on nearly every vehicle in Charlotte, NC, these days. Now there are some exotic, new types of power steering systems, but for the most part, the general setup is a pump that's driven by a belt powered by the engine. Contact the automotive professionals at Tuffy Auto Se... More

Defensive Driving in Charlotte, NC

May 3, 2020

There was a man in the Charlotte area who learned that most car accidents occur within a mile of home so he moved. (Just kidding!)When we think of defensive driving, we often focus on our local NC highway situations. The fact of the matter is we need to be just as careful close to home in Char... More

The Straight and Narrow: Power Steering Service at Tuffy Auto Service Charlotte

June 23, 2019

Service to a vehicle's power steering system is part of preventive maintenance for Charlotte auto owners. This system provides power to the steering wheel so you can turn it with ease. Without power steering, all of the power to turn your vehicle's wheels would have to come from you.The central... More